Bonaparte pub in Foz

Traditional pubs are rare in Porto, so Bonaparte’s, in Foz, is a popular location for British expats (although the pub’s own website describes itself as typically Irish). Neither Irish nor English, it is wonderfully historic and attractive pub.

Bonaparte pub in Foz, Porto

The upstairs bar is the most popular with its open play layout and big screen, but it is the downstairs bar, with its old-fashioned booths, that you get an authentic pub feel.

Here you will bump into expats from a number of countries, and a lively atmosphere. However, this being Portugal, it doesn’t really get going until late, whereas UK pubs are busier early in the evening.

Founded in 1977, the wooden decor is dominated by an eclectic and diverse collection of items that adorn every nook and cranny. Bottles, games, gadgets, sports equipment, household items - it’s like sitting in an antique store, and the service is always friendly and relaxed.

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