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Braga, Portugal’s third largest city

Braga fountain

The centre of Braga

Braga is a good place to start in Portugal because its history seems to date back before history was properly recorded. With a wealth of religious architecture, the city is renowned for its piety and the population is considered (especially by locals down south) to be quite old fashioned.

The third largest city in Portugal centres around a wonderful and large central square that features market stalls, coffee shops, restaurants, church buildings, fountains, green grass and benches for the restful. The centre offers a wonderful atmosphere on a weekend as people mill about restfully.

Nearby, you can visit historic sanctuaries, such as Bom Jesus, Sameiro and Santa Marta da Falperra. Lately, Braga has seen a rise in the fortunes of its local premier league football team, SC Braga, who came second in the 2009-2010 season and qualified for the first time in the Champions League.

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  1. Mitri

    My wife and I consider spending a few months in Braga next spring and summer and from there visit the rest of Portugal and maybe other surrounding countries.
    We are both retired. I am Canadian from Montreal and my wife is Ecuadorian. Our main concern is finding a furnished apartment for around 500 Euros/month located a walking distance from the center. Is this possible or am I dreaming ? Than you for any insight.

    • Hello Mitri, there are lots of apartments on Airbnb in Portugal, and the quality is generally good because the owners look after the apartments.

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