Time Out Porto - the best Francesinhas

Time Out’s issue featuring “As Melhores Francesinhas” - the best francesinhas.

The latest issue of Time Out Porto features an in-depth review of top restaurants where you can eat Francesinhas. Obviously, you can eat a francesinha almost anywhere in Porto, but journalists Tiago Rio and Lourenço Viegas have each tasted and rated the francesinha at ten restaurants.

An initial list of 20 restaurants was chosen by specialists, Time Out journalists and fans. The readers of Time Out were then asked to vote on their favourites, which led to the final top ten. Here is a list of the ten in order of popularity according to the ratings given to them by the reviewers.

  1. Santiago (R. de Passos Manuel 226, 4000 Porto)
  2. Barcarola Café (Rua Costa Cabral 806)
  3. Capa Negra II (Rua do Campo Alegre 191)
  4. Cufra (Avenida da Boavista 2504 and Edifício Transparente, Piso Parque)
  5. Locanda (Tv do Buel 40)
  6. Cervejaria Galiza (Rua do Campo Alegre 55)
  7. A Regaleira (Rua do Bonjardim 87)
  8. Bufete Fase (Rua de Santa Catarina 1147)
  9. Café Torres (Rua Rodrigues de Freitas 1509)
  10. Requinte (Rua do Godinho 837)

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