Walk around any modern shopping centre in Portugal and you will probably see a Casa do Chocolate – with a tempting array of chocolates on display. Far from being a modern brand though, Casa do Chocolate’s owner, Arcádia, has a rich Porto heritage.

The original shop was founded in Porto in 1933, in Rua do Almada, 63. That shop is still there and well worth a visit.

The company has belonged to the Bastos family since it was founded and it is famous for its bon-bons (“bombons” in Portuguese) and “línguas do gato” (cat’s tongue – so-called because of their long flat shape).

Arcádia is also famous for its sugar-coated and roasted almonds – a sweet that many Portuguese people love, and one that is as much a part of Easter here as Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are in the UK.

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