Road tolls widened to Algarve


As most people know, Portugal is doing everything it can to cut costs and raise revenues, and one of the methods at its disposal is charging people to drive on the road. The introduction of SCUT payment systems in the north has been followed by other areas, and nowhere has this been more contentious than in the Algarve.

The A22 is a major artery, taking residents and tourists from Lagos to the Spanish border. Charges on the A22 will impact travel in the Algarve because the A22 is the only fast road from east to west - with the smaller urban roads being much slower.

Portugal News reported this week that campaigners opposed to SCUT charges are likely to lose their battle. The anti campaign has been raging as the SCUT gantries have been built. Initial charging dates were delayed as the new Govt elections took place following the resignation of Socrates, and some gantries have been vandalised by protestors before they could be switched on.

If you are travelling to Portugal, make sure you understand the rules. You will need to buy a gadget and charge it with at least £100 credit. This will then be charged each time you drive through a SCUT point.

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