Museu de Cerveja - beer museum, LisbonThe Museum of Beer in Lisbon (Museu de Cerveja) takes you on a tour through time and the different brands of Portuguese speaking countries, including Super Bock, Sagres, Cuca, Brahma, Laurentina.

Situated in the cultural old centre of the Chiado district, the Museum of Beer demonstrates the ancient monastic breweries of five centuries ago.

Six thousand years ago several civilizations around Mesopotamia started to produce beer. Portugal is an heir of that tradition. The Museum of Beer was founded to celebrate that historic tradition of not just Portugal but also its colony countries - Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Saint Tomé and Prince.

Within the museum you can enjoy some fine gastronomy. In the Beer House the codfish cake and other snacks complement beer in perfection.

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You could enjoy a double trip to this museum by following it with a trip to the Fado Museum, which is just up the road.

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