Nazare beach - aerial shotA five-year-old girl and her grandfather died in the sea at Nazaré, on the coast of Portugal, in a stretch of ocean that is world famous for its surfing waves. In May 2012, a Hawaiian surfer set a world record for surfing what is believed to be the largest ridden wave. Garrett McNamara caught a 78ft wave, beating the 2008 record.

At around 2pm (British Summer Time) on 21st August, Portuguese fishermen spotted some people in the water at Salgado. They pulled out a man, woman and child but the man was already dead. He was the grandfather of the five-year-old girl, who also failed resuscitation attempts. The woman, the girl’s grandmother, was taken to hospital for treatment.

Tourists swimming on the Atlantic coast of Portugal are warned to take extra care because of fast moving tides and strong winds, which can be dangerous even for strong swimmers.

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