Pedrógão Grande is a part of central Portugal that boasts some magnificent waterways. The Cabril dam (“barragem”), which serves the region with domestic electricity, forms a lagoon which is enjoyed by many locals and tourists.

Pedrogao Grande dam

The dam was built in 1954 on the River Zêzere, and its accompanying lagoon also features a floating swimming pool. Locals flock to the waters here to enjoy scuba diving, jet skiing, skiing, swimming, boating, canoeing or just picnics.

Floating pool at Cabril

Downstream is a second lagoon, Albufeira da Bouça, covering 500 hectares and there is a small river beach (“praia fluvial”) at Açude de Mega - this is in the village of Mega Fundeira. The waters are clear here, so the small beach can draw a crowd.

If you want a bit more space, go to Praia Fluvial do Mosteiro, a larger beach located in the village Mosteiro. There’s a cafe bar here, which is nice compared with many river beaches, which have no amenities.

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