Galeria de Paris, Porto Baixa

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The Galeria de Paris, in the heart of Porto’s Baixa district, is a wonderful late night drinking establishment. With a large square room and very high ceilings, the mostly wooden interior is dominated by two walls full of back-lit display cabinets chock full of historic memorabilia.

Galeria de Paris bar in Porto Baixa

Galeria de Paris bar in Porto Baixa

As you sit and chat with friends, you can let your eyes wander over old radio sets, telephone switchboards, Monopoly games, glasses, bottles, model boats and so much more. The interior decorator of this bar must have had a ball pulling all this stuff together to create the look.

Nestled in the centre of Rua Galeria de Paris, the bar fills up at the weekend with crowds squeezed in like sardines, and the street filled with smokers and those who just can’t get inside. Even on a Monday night, once you hit midnight, you’ll find it hard to find a free table. The music is also fantastic.

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