Serralves is an important cultural icon in the city of Porto - being the national home for art in Portugal and, nowadays, so much more. With its beautiful gardens, historic house, museum and library,the Serralves Foundation (“Fundação de Serralves”) offers a choice of attractions, offering the opportunity for a short visit or a longer one.

Images of the museum, the library and the gardens at Serralves

Following the revolution in Portugal of 1974, there was call for a location to exhibit art from the time. Porto was chosen as the future home of the National Museum of Modern Art and, in 1986, the State acquired the Serralves estate. Three years later the Foundation was inaugurated, signalling a great collaboration between the State and the population. Over the years Serralves has gone from strength to strength and there is hugely diverse programme of events on the site - as well as cultural tourism involving cultural locations in other countries.

A visit to Serralves is a must for any visitor to Porto. Take a walk around the gardens and enjoy the ponds, and have a quiet coffee and cake in one of the cafés. Aside from its function as a gallery, Serralves organises many community art events, where families can get creative. The programme of events also includes dance, music and seminars.

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