Évora is a beautifully preserved medieval town in the Alentejo region of Portugal - the city is mostly housed within 14th-century walls.

Not only can you enjoy the medieval architecture but also some roman architecture, in the Roman Temple (Templo Romano).

You can use Évora as a base for some great historic and rustic day trips, including trips to rustic wineries and some neolithic monuments.

Aqueduto da Água de Prata

The English translation for this aquaduct is the aquaduct of silver water. It was designed to bring clean water into Évora in the 1500s. Visit the end of the aquaduct on Rua do Cano, where there’s a nice atmosophere with houses, shops and cafes built into the arches.

If you fancy a walk along the aquaduct, go to the Évora tourist office to ask for a map - there are three access points. Bear in mind, though, it’s more than 8km long.

Évora’s Roman temple (Templo Romano)

The Roman temple dates back 18 centuries and it’s remarkably well preserved, right in the middle of Évora town centre. The temple is often referred to as the Temple of Diana, but whether it was actually dedicated to that deity is unknown.

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Évora Museum (Museu do Évora)

Housed in a 16th century palace (once the home of the archbishop), the Évora Museum has a cloistered courtyard that shows the remains of Islamic, Roman and medieval occupation.

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