Jellied eelsyJet opens Faro route

Jellied EelsyjetTickets are now available for EasyJet flights out of Southend airport, which commence in April 2012, and the good news for Portugal is that Faro is one of the destinations being served.

Now, instead of landing in London’s west (Heathrow), South (Gatwick) or North (Stansted), travellers can go east - a perfect opportunity to get some jellied eels in. Do what son? Although quite what Portuguese people will think flying from the Faro seaside to the Southend seaside waits to be seen. Let’s hope visitors to London (Southend) airport don’t get too disappointed when they realise they have landed many many miles from London.

Still, it’s fantastic news for Brits who live in the crowded Essex region looking for an alternative to Stansted.

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