Porto Open 2011 - “bolas novas, por favor”

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Porto Open 2011Tennis fans are currently enjoying the annual Porto Open, taking place at the Porto Tennis Club (Clube de Ténis do Porto) in Rua Damião de Góis.

The 2010 singles winners were Francês Laurent Rochett and Gail Brodsky. The 2011 Open is the 12th such competition, organised by the Porto Tennis Association (Associação de Ténis do Porto) and the Porto municipal council (Câmara Municipal do Porto).

Starting on 24 September, with the final on 2 October, the Porto Open is likely to grow as an international event for the city.

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One thought on “Porto Open 2011 - “bolas novas, por favor”

  1. Ronald Branck on

    The final was a bit of a let down, I thought Sri Lanka was going to pull off a victory. India was the best side in this tournament though.

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