Great things to see and do in Portugal

How to cook Portuguese food

Posted on Jul 15 2011
Like many British expats living in Portugal, Lucy Pepper’s spouse is Portuguese. Living in Portugal for the past 12 years, Lucy has learned a lot about Portuguese cooking - so much so that she teamed up with aPortuguese...

Bacalhau - it’s codfish, but it’s not fresh

Posted on Apr 18 2011
Brits often find Bacalhau a difficult idea to digest. Dried codfish? Salty? Not fresh with vinegar and chunky chips? No batter? All my Portuguese friends who have sampled British fish and chips love it, but ask a Brit to...

How to make a caipirinha cocktail

Posted on Apr 16 2011
Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil, and because Brazil (being a former colony of Portugal), and Portugal have such a close national identity, caiprinha is also a popular drink in Portugal. Ingredients for a Caipirinha Most...